Posted on 16 Mar 2022

How to Pack for a Ski Trip to Breckenridge

You just booked your airline tickets, and are booking a fabulous Breckenridge Rental Home for your crew. You might have your bags packed already, and if you do, then use this as a reference to double check that you have everything you need.

Colorado, Rocky Mountain High

You’ve heard the John Denver song, and it’s true. The Rocky Mountains are high. In fact, Breckenridge is listed at 9,600 feet. Although, as you move around town, the elevation fluctuates. Some neighborhoods lie closer to 11,000 and depending on which home you rent, you could find yourself in a snowy winter wonderland. We want to make sure you’re prepared with the right gear.

On the Plane

If you’re traveling from a warm climate and are heading to the airport in flip flops and shorts, you definitely need a carry on with some layers in it. Planes get cold when they’re in the air, so pack a jacket, sweater or hoodie. Make sure you have shoes to put on once you land too.

  • Hoodie, Jacket or Sweater - You could sport your ski jacket and let everyone know you’re headed to shred the gnar.
  • Pants / Shoes - Yes, it could be snowing when you land. The air will be colder. You’ll want shoes with good traction. If you must bring fancier dress shoes, pack them for later.
  • Headphones / Ear Plugs - Silence the noise with these and get some rest as you move around.

On the Hill

Ok, you’ve arrived in town, and you’ve fueled up with a hearty breakfast, have your ski rentals delivered to the home and are ready to get dressed. This is what you need. Ask our team about preferred vendors that will come to your vacation rental home and will get your crew outfitted with the right skis, boots and poles. Some might even have some of the items listed below as rentals.

  • Helmet - They’re warm, and protect your head from most bumps and knocks. Get goggles that fit with the type of helmet you’re wearing. Many companies offer rental helmets, so play it safe and get one.
  • Eye Protection - I choose goggles because they’re warmer than sunglasses and won’t fall off as easily. Pack your sunglasses with you, and you can switch if you want to.
  • Backpack - A hydration pack might freeze, so blow the water out of the tube and back into the bladder to prevent that. Or, just put a sturdy water bottle in the pack and take breaks to drink. If you cramp up on the hill, that means you need to drink. You can also carry neck gaiters, hand warmer packets, an external battery to recharge your phone (cold tends to zap cell phones, so carry it close to your body), and spare layers.
  • Jacket - If you can get one that has a hood that fits over a helmet, get one. Get a breathable, durable winter sport jacket with pockets you can stuff with power bars. Keep those on the inside of the jacket, as anything on the outside will get cold and may freeze.
  • Pants - Don’t wear jeans or anything made out of cotton. They’ll get soaked, freeze and you will be uncomfortable. Get some waterproof pants that are roomy and you can layer up underneath.
  • Base Layers - Those are the long sleeves and long johns you’ll put on under your jacket and pants. Make sure they’re non-cotton, and synthetic. That means they will dry fast, and transfer moisture away from your body.
  • Socks - Same as above. Buy a synthetic pair. Actually get two kinds, one thinner than the other. That way you can play around with what works best with your boots. I prefer a super thin sock as I think I can feel the skis better, but that’s my personal preference as I run hot.

Apres / Around Town

After a hard day of skiing, you’ll want to change into dry clothes. You can get away with almost anything now. However, if you can, bring a puffy type of coat for night. I won’t wear one skiing, as I get hot, but like one for running errands and for going out to dinner.

You won’t need to layer up as you do for skiing, but grab an extra pair of gloves or mittens as the ones you wore skiing could be wet. And, make sure you have those shoes with good traction from the airplane as sidewalks and streets can be snowpacked and icy.

Well, now that you’re ready to pack your bags, you should be ready to book the vacation rental home that’s right for you. Please click here to see the list of homes here at Moving Mountains



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