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Lodging and Services Terms and Conditions:

Effective February 2022

1.            Reservations and Confirmations

1.1          These Terms and Conditions apply to lodging and services provided through Moving Mountains, Inc., Moving Mountains Vail Valley LLC, Moving Mountains Steamboat LLC, or Moving Mountains Breckenridge LLC or Paragon Lodging by Moving Mountains. (Individually or collectively - MM). MM reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting on the Terms and Conditions page of the MM website.  The property where you stay (private home, condominium, or other property) is referred to as the Home, and any person occupying the Home is referred to as a Guest.

1.2          The person signing the Rental Agreement is the Group Leader.  The Group Leader must be at least 25 years of age and must be a member of the group staying at the Home.  The Group Leader is responsible for informing all Guests and visitors of these Terms and Conditions, and Group Leader is responsible for the actions of all Guests in the party and visitors.

1.3          Confirming a Reservation:

  1. MM will not confirm reservations until it has received the required deposit and the Group Leader has signed the Rental Agreement.  Reservations are confirmed only when MM sends a written reservation confirmation. 
  2. To confirm a reservation, the Guest must pay a deposit of 50% of the total package cost (unless specifically agreed otherwise) and provide the signed Rental Agreement within 24 hours after the Rental Agreement is sent.
  3. The remaining balance of the total cost is due 60 days prior to arrival.  Reservations within 60 days of arrival require full payment at the time of reservation. 
  4. MM may cancel any reservation that does not comply with these requirements.  Prices and availability are subject to change until the reservation is confirmed.
  5. Once confirmed, the specific Home and dates you reserve are guaranteed. If an unforeseen circumstance causes the Home to be uninhabitable, MM reserves the right to substitute

1.4          MM may refuse to accept or cancel any reservation if any Guest in the party has previously breached the MM Terms and Conditions.

1.5          Accidental Rental Damage Coverage (ARDC), costing $199.00, is required for all reservations.  ARDC provides Guests with up to $10,000 coverage for accidental damage that occurs during the stay.  ARDC does not cover intentional damage or damage caused by careless actions such as wearing shoes inside a home, failing to close a garage door, allowing unsupervised children to use an elevator or other house rules outlined in the House Guide for that Home.  Guests will be liable and charged for damage to the Home and contents occurring during the stay that is not covered by ARDC. 

1.6          All special requests and requests for additional services or activities must be communicated directly to MM Staff.  Any verbal communications must be confirmed by e-mail..  Undocumented requests may not be fulfilled.

1.7          Vacation Home Rentals are subject to applicable resort fees, sales tax, and lodging taxes which may be subject to change without notice. Lodging Quotes shown are inclusive of rent, cleaning fees, and resort fees.

2.            Check-In / Check-Out

2.1          All Guests will be provided detailed check-in instructions prior to arrival.  Check-in and access to the Home require:

-          payment in full

-          signed rental agreement

-          guest verification using a valid government-issued photo ID

-          a credit card to be kept on file to which any amounts payable by Guests may be charged

2.2          Check-in time for ALL Homes is from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, and check-out is by 10:00 am.  Early check-in or late check-out may be possible by prior arrangement and can only be guaranteed 48 hours prior to arrival.  Group Leader must notify MM if the first party to check-in will not be the Group Leader.  Failure to do so may result in delay or refusal of check-in for that person.

2.3          Homes are inspected after every stay, and additional cleaning charges will be imposed if the Home is not left in a reasonable condition and extraordinary cleaning is required.

•             Windows and doors must be left closed.

•             Trash must be in trash receptacles and/or taken to the garage rolling bins.

•             Dishes must be washed and put away or left clean in the dishwasher.

•             Used towels are to be left in the bathtub or shower.

•             Garage doors (if applicable) must be left closed.

•             Furniture must be in its original location.

•             All keys and garage door openers (if any) placed on the kitchen counter

2.4          Guests must verify the number of keys and garage door openers received at check-in and agree to pay $35.00 per lost key, $100 per lost elevator key, and $75 per lost garage door opener.

Check-In / Check-Out at One Steamboat Place

2.5a        Check-in for Guests staying at One Steamboat Place (OSP) is at the property, 2250 Après Ski Way, Steamboat Springs CO 80487.  Guests may check in at the OSP front desk after 4:00 pm. All guests will receive direct communication from OSP regarding any check-in instructions prior to arrival. All guests Leaders must provide cell and e-mail contact information. Access to the residence requires payment in full, a valid government-issued photo ID, a credit card to be kept on file to which any amount payable by Guests may be charged, including the OSP service fees, a signed Rental Agreement, and a signed Registration Form.  Early check-in or late check-out may be possible by prior written authorization and can only be guaranteed 48 hours prior to arrival.

Note: Catered Chalet package Guests will be checked into their residence by their hosts. The Group Leader will need to check in with the OSP front desk.

2.5b       When checking out, keys must be dropped off and folios finalized at the OSP front desk.  If the residence requires extra cleaning, there will be an additional cost charged to the credit card on file after departure.

Prior to departure:

                •             Place any dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on.

                •             Place the furniture back in its original location.

                •             Place all used towels on the floor in the bathroom. Leave unused items as they were found.

                •             Put all trash in trash cans.

3. Cancellation and Refunds

3.1         Notification to MM in writing (e-mail or fax) is required for the Guest to cancel any reservation, catering, additional services, or activities.  48 hours after the reservation is confirmed with a partial or full payment, a reservation may not be changed to a different property.  Guests with confirmed reservations who desire to change Homes, regardless of reason, must cancel the original reservation pursuant to the cancellation policy, and a new reservation must be made at the alternate Home, which reservation is also subject to the cancellation policy.
3.2         In the case of cancellation by the Guest, all payments are non-refundable.  Refunds are in the sole discretion of MM, and if any kind of refund is offered, MM may retain 20%[RC1]  to cover administrative costs and credit card fees.
3.3         MM highly recommends that Guests purchase travel insurance.  MM offers travel insurance at the time of reservation.  Travel insurance may be added anytime up to final payment, 60 days prior to arrival, although additional pre-existing condition coverage applies if the insurance is added within 21 days of reservation confirmation.  For reservations made less than 30 days prior to arrival, travel insurance may be purchased at the time of reservation to cover pre-existing conditions. 
[RC2] 3.4         There are no full or partial refunds for late arrivals or early departures. 


4.            Catering

4.1          Catering or Catered Chalet packages are offered by MM at an additional charge and are not included in Home rentals.

4.2          Unless otherwise expressly stated, the price of catering and Catered Chalet packages does not include: airfare, transportation, lift tickets, equipment rentals, activities, childcare, alcoholic beverages, or the cost of meals outside the Home.

4.3          Pricing for catering or Catered Chalet packages is based on the number of Guests specified, and additional Guests or visitors will result in additional charges.  MM must be notified of any reduction in the specified number of Guests prior to arrival, and reduction may not result in reduced charges.

5.            General Terms and Conditions

During the stay, the Guest's 24-hour phone/text contact is MOVING MOUNTAINS

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS:  970-875-7061. 

VAIL / BEAVER CREEK: 970-445-2300

BRECKENRIDGE: 970-547-2122

For after-hours emergencies, telephone the MM office in your location and follow the instructions to leave a message.

5.1          Travel to and outdoor and indoor activities in mountain areas during any time of year involve risks that Guests must make themselves aware of.  Potential risks include, without limitation, those associated with slippery conditions, falling snow and ice, freezing or high temperatures, and high altitude.  Guests waive and release and agree to hold harmless and indemnify MM and the Homeowner against any and all claims, actions, and damages (claims) arising from any cause during their stay, including out of activities they participate in during their stay, including, without limitation, personal injury, property damage, expenses, judgments, fines, settlements and other amounts resulting from the Guest stay, other than claims arising from the gross negligence of MM, its agent or employee.

5.2          Not all homes are equipped with a safe.  MM is not responsible for Guests' property.  Please consider leaving valuables at Home.

5.3          Quiet time in all locations is from 7 pm to 7 am.  Many Homes are in residential areas, and any violations of municipal noise or disturbance ordinances may result in citations and fines, which are the sole responsibility of the Guests.  MM may immediately terminate the stay of any Guest causing unreasonable noise and disturbance and retain all amounts paid. No events / parties / weddings / DJs or Bands with amplified sound are permitted, and this will be strictly enforced. Most of our Homes have monitoring devices that track temperature, occupancy, and noise.

5.4          The number of visitors at the Home at any time may not exceed twice the stated maximum overnight occupancy.  If this restriction is violated, MM may immediately terminate the stay, retain all amounts paid and charge a $2,500 unauthorized event fee to the Guest's credit card on file.

5.5          Without limitation, the following are prohibited:  outdoor sleeping, any activity where more than twice the maximum number of overnight occupants are present, events (such as weddings, parties, receptions, bachelor/bachelorette parties), tents or other outdoor structures, temporary or permanent, commercial kitchens, the preparation of any food onsite for persons other than Guests and visitors, parking RVs or other large campers in driveways, and use of snowmobiles around the property or in the neighborhood.

5.6          Smoking and vaping are not permitted in any part of the Home or in vehicles operated by MM, including on decks, balconies, or porches and within 100 feet of entrances.  Decontamination and littering charges starting at $500 may be assessed.

5.7          MM standard housekeeping service is included with the lodging rate.  Standard housekeeping includes an exit clean, based upon the Home or Residence being left in a reasonable condition (see 2.3).  Standard housekeeping includes a light mid-week clean, including towel change, for stays of 6 or more nights, and a full linen change every 7 nights for longer stays.  Reservations over 10 nights receive a mid-stay sheet change scheduled every 3-4 days.  Additional housekeeping services are available for an additional charge based on the requested service and the size of the Home.[RC3] [GS4] 

5.8          Guests should avoid wearing outdoor shoes inside the Home to protect carpets and floor surfaces. Guests will be responsible for any additional cleaning charges or damage resulting from shoes being worn in the Home or any damages resulting from additional guests gathering at the Home contrary to the terms described above.

5.9          Guests and visitors shall act responsibly and respectfully toward other Guests, MM staff, and neighbors.  If at any time during the stay a Guest or visitor acts in a dangerous, unruly, or malicious manner, including verbal or physical abuse, MM may immediately terminate the stay and retain all amounts paid.

5.10        Use of illegal drugs in the Home or MM vehicles is prohibited and may result in immediate termination of the stay and MM retaining all amounts paid.  Marijuana, now legal in Colorado, may not be consumed by vapor pipe or smoked inside any Home.  Edible marijuana products are a hazard that must be removed at check-out.

5.11        MM and its employees are not responsible for underage consumption of alcohol or drugs by Guests or visitors, Guests or visitors driving while intoxicated, or any accidents involving Guests or visitors.

5.12        Guests riding in MM vehicles must abide by Colorado's Motor Vehicle Laws, including requirements regarding seat belts. Front seat passengers are required to wear seat belts, and all children must be properly buckled in a seat belt or car seat.  Colorado law requires that infants under one year of age or 20 pounds ride in a rear-facing car seat.  Children ages one to four and between 20 and 40 pounds must ride in an appropriate rear- or forward-facing car seat. Colorado law also requires that children over age 4 but under age 8 ride in a forward-facing car seat or a booster car seat unless they are over 4'9" tall or weigh more than 80 lbs.  Children who are not required to be in a car seat or booster seat but are under 16 years old must be buckled in a seat belt. Parents traveling with infants should bring their own car seats or arrange to rent car seats before arrival.  Guests are solely responsible for complying with these requirements.

5.13        MM offers guest services to arrange things such as transportation and activity reservations.  Certain suppliers require MM to provide the Guest credit card information to make reservations.  For all services arranged through MM, the provider is the merchant of record and not MM, and the provider is solely responsible for the services provided and resolving any disputes.

5.14        Equipment in the Home may require service or repair from time to time, and MM will endeavor to facilitate this as soon as possible.  No refunds or credits are provided if equipment or amenities are out of service.

5.15        Exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any legal proceedings between Guests and MM or involving these Terms and Conditions shall be in Routt County, Eagle County, or Summit County Colorado.

The following additional Terms and Conditions apply to all properties EXCEPT One Steamboat Place:

5.16        Except as otherwise noted below with respect to particular properties, no more than four vehicles may be parked outside overnight.  If the Home has a garage, Guests are encouraged to use the garage for overnight parking.  Guests are not permitted to park at any time on public streets or in areas providing access to other properties.  For Homes with shared driveways, no more than two cars may be parked outside of the garage at any time unless the additional vehicles can be parked without blocking access to the neighbor's property/garage/parking.  Guests are responsible for any parking citations and fines that they incur.

5.17           Property Specific Parking Instructions:

  1. Steamboat Edgemont Guests are allowed one reserved underground parking space.  Additional parking may be available outside the building.  No more than two vehicles per residence are permitted at one time unless the Guest receives prior written authorization from a manager at MM.


  1. Chateau Chamonix Guests are allowed one reserved, covered parking space.  Additional parking may be available (uncovered) near the pool area.  No more than two vehicles per residence are permitted at one time unless the Guest receives prior written authorization from a manager at MM.


  1. Olympian Guests are allowed two reserved, underground parking spaces. Additional parking may be available outside the building but is typically limited to 2 hours or fewer parking spaces. No more than two vehicles per residence are permitted at one time unless Guests receive prior written authorization from a manager at MM.


  1.  No more than one vehicle per residence may be parked in the garage at One Ski Hill.  No more than two vehicles per residence are permitted at one time without prior written authorization from the general manager of One Ski Hill.  Guests with more than 2 cars must inform MM prior to arrival.  If more than two vehicles are approved, those vehicles may be subject to a fee. Oversized vehicles must be approved in advance of arrival and may need to be parked offsite. 

5.18        Additional Terms and Conditions applicable to stays at One Steamboat Place (OSP):

  1. If the Guest group exceeds the overnight occupancy total specified on the MM website, the group will be charged $250 per person, per day, for each Guest over-occupancy.  Children under 5 are not counted when determining occupancy numbers.  This restriction includes bringing visitors into the building for events or to use the amenities.
  2. No more than two vehicles per residence may be parked in the garage at OSP.  No more than two vehicles per residence are permitted at one time without prior written authorization from the general manager of OSP.  Guests with more than 2 cars must inform MM prior to arrival.  If more than two vehicles are approved, those vehicles may be subject to a fee. Oversized vehicles must be approved in advance of arrival and may need to be parked offsite.
  3. It is preferred that OSP Guests who rent ski and snowboard equipment use Christy Sports, the designated manager of the onsite ski valet. 
  4. A service fee will apply to all guests over the age of 10, paid directly to One Steamboat Place upon checkout. This fee is subject to change.  The fee is paid directly to OSP, and a credit card is required at check-in.
  5. Residences at OSP are individually owned and, as such, are provided with the furnishings, amenities, and equipment that is specific to that residence.  Any additional furnishings, amenities, and equipment required by Guests, such as additional fans, pillows, blankets, humidifiers, are at the expense of the Guest. If requested in advance, MM can typically arrange for the rental of these items.
  6. Room service is not available at OSP.  MM recommends having groceries and drinks stocked prior to arrival.  MM offers private chef services and VIP catered packages.  Contact MM for details. 
  7. Guest's 24-hour contact during your stay is OSP front desk:  970-870-5100, or you may contact the Moving Mountains office at 970-870-9359.  For after-hours emergencies, please telephone MM and follow the instructions to leave a message.
  8. Daily housekeeping provides trash and towel removal / replacement. This is performed between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Any stay over 5 nights is provided a mid-week housekeeping service; sheet change, towel change, kitchen and bathroom clean, and residence vacuum. (If additional services are requested, there will be an additional housekeeping fee charged by OSP upon checkout.)
  9. OSP has a strict no-smoking policy for anywhere within 100 yards of the building, including the decks and balconies of each residence.  Decontamination and littering charges of $500 or more will be assessed.
  10. The hours of operation for the pool/hot tubs are from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.  Games & Little Tykes room hours are from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, subject to change between winter and summer seasons.
  11. All applicable electronics, cords, and audio-visual equipment should not be tampered with in any way.  Please contact OSP maintenance for assistance with any adjustments needed.  Costs for resetting, repairing, or replacing damaged, moved, or missing items will be charged to the Guest.
  12. A complimentary breakfast (year-round) and apres-ski reception (ski season only) are offered to all guests of OSP. These amenities are at the discretion of OSP Management. There will be no refunds should the services not be provided, for any reason, during the guest's stay.

6.            Pets / Service Animals

6.1          Bonafide service animals, as defined pursuant to regulations under the Americans With Disabilities Act, are allowed to accompany Guests during their stay.  Service animals must be individually trained to perform a task for the benefit of an individual with a disability.  Animals providing emotional support, comfort or companionship are not service animals.  Guests must notify MM at the time of reservation if they will be bringing a service animal.  Service animals may be removed if they are disruptive, aggressive, or not housebroken.

Under Colorado law, it is a criminal offense to misrepresent an animal as a service animal.  C.R.S. §18-13-107.7

6.2   Pets (Dogs Only)

  1. Except for bona fide service animals, Guests are prohibited from bringing any animals (pets) into any Home without the written authorization of MM. 
  2. Authorization must be requested at the time of reservation and will not be granted at check-in.
  3. Dogs are the only pets that will be authorized.
  4. Homes noted as Pet Friendly on the MM website allow animals solely with written authorization of MM and on a case-by-case basis. 
  5. No more than two animals will be approved.
  6. All approved pet stays are subject to a taxable pet cleaning fee of $950 payable at the time of reservation to cover the cost of returning the Home to a pet allergy-free environment.


6.3Service animals or Pets must adhere to the following rules:

  1. No barking or excessive noise – if neighbors or adjacent Guests are disturbed, the animal will have to be removed from the Home.
  2. Damage to the Home or furnishings by a Guest's animal is not considered accidental and, as such, is not covered under Accidental Rental Damage Coverage. 
  3. Guests are fully responsible for the cost of repairing damage to the Home, including, without limitation, scratches to wood furnishings and doors.
  4. Guests must notify MM immediately of any pet damage in the Home
  5. Animals that disturb or threaten other Guests or employees may be required to leave.
  6. The owner is responsible for cleaning all animal waste.  Guests who fail to pick up after their animal may be charged a $500 fee, and their stay may be immediately canceled and all payments retained.
  7. All dogs outside must be on a leash at all times.
  8. Animals are not allowed on furniture at any time. 
  9. Any evidence of animals on furniture or bedding will result in extra cleaning fees.
  10. Animals may not be left unattended for an undue length of time, either indoors or out.  Animals may not be left unattended on the balcony, patio, or porch.

6.4          If unauthorized animals are brought into the Home (including animals brought into a Home by visitors), the Guest will be charged $500 per day for each day of the reservation, and MM may terminate the stay and retain all amounts paid.

6.5          Guests are responsible for all costs associated with boarding unauthorized animals at an offsite location.

6.6          Moving Mountains assumes no responsibility for illness or injury that may occur to animals while on the premises.

7.            Hot Tubs

7.1          MM places a high priority on the safety and cleanliness of hot tubs and spas.

  1. In Steamboat, Vail, and Beaver Creek, hot tubs are provided with fresh water, sanitized, and chemically balanced prior to each stay.  This service does not apply to communal hot tubs and pools where MM does not provide maintenance.
  2. In Breckenridge, hot tubs are serviced regularly, and water is changed, sanitized, and chemically balanced as needed prior to each stay.  This service does not apply to communal hot tubs and pools where MM does not provide maintenance.

7.2          For private hot-tubs, a chemical balance check will be performed without charge after three days for reservations of five or more days.  If the water is sufficiently out of balance due to use and needs to be changed during the stay, the Guest will be charged $100.  If there is any concern regarding the condition of the hot tub water, the Guest should contact the MM office immediately.  Additional chemical checks can be arranged at the Guest's expense, $25 per check.

7.3          Hot tubs are not available for use during cleaning, maintenance, and repair.  No refunds or credits will be provided if the hot tub or pool is out of service.

8.            Elevators

8.1          If the Home includes an elevator, it is provided for ease of access between floors.  A reasonable amount of luggage can be loaded into the elevator and transported to other levels.

WARNING: The potential hazards posed by residential elevators are exceptionally high for children, with potentially fatal unforeseen consequences. For the safety of your loved ones, please follow these rules:

  • Do NOT allow unsupervised children to use the elevators.
  • Do NOT allow children to play or hide in the elevators.
  • Do NOT jump up and down in the elevators.
  • Do NOT overload elevators


8.2          Guests shall not stack luggage or impede the ability of the doors to freely open and close. Guests shall ensure that all doors are securely closed on each landing prior to use.

8.3          Guests acknowledge that negligent use of the elevators may result in damage, and the cost of the repair will be the responsibility of the Guest.

8.4          Annual safety inspections are performed on all elevators in MM-managed homes.


8.5          An in-person walkthrough of the Home IS REQUIRED, during which one of our Operations Team members will provide detailed instructions on how to operate the elevator.


9.            Fire pits

If the Home includes a fire pit, MM and the owner shall have no liability or responsibility for injuries or damage that may be incurred from its use, regardless of cause. 

Guests agree:

  1. To follow all instructions and seek safety precautions and seek clarification on the use of the firepit when needed.
  2. Children (under the age of 18) will not be allowed to play with or operate the firepit.
  3. The fire pit shall be used exclusively for providing outdoor heat. 
  4. No cooking is permitted over a firepit.
  5. Guests must adhere to all local fire ban regulations for wood-burning fireplaces and wood-burning fire pits.

10.          Zoning and Municipal Codes

Vacation Home rentals are subject to the zoning and municipal codes applicable to the Home location.  Current regulations are displayed on the MM Website.  [RC5] If municipal regulations change or are interpreted to prohibit Guests from using a confirmed reservation, MM will inform the Guest, and the Guest may cancel the reservation and receive a complete refund of payments made or cancel the reservation and rebook to another Home, with all payments made applied to the new reservation.

11.          Additional Property Specific Terms

11.1 Rocking Chair Lodge

Guests at Rocking Chair Lodge acknowledge that there are risks of personal injury, death, and property damage associated with climbing activities, including, but not limited to, the risk of injury or death from accidental falling and other risks inherent to climbing activities.  All Guests assume all risks associated with climbing activities and release, discharge, waive, disclaim, and relinquish all claims, actions, or causes of action for personal injury, wrongful death, or property damage against MM and the Owners of Rocking Chair Lodge resulting from participation in activities at the climbing room.  All Guests agree that if an emergency rescue or evacuation becomes necessary, the expenses are the Guest's sole responsibility and not that of MM or the owner.

12.          COVID-19 Supplemental Terms

12.1        Guests diagnosed with COVID-19 are required to notify MM at your earliest convenience. If this diagnosis is received following your stay, we would also appreciate knowing so that we can effectively protect our employees through testing and isolation if required.

12.2        If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you are expected to isolate or quarantine until you are healthy and receive a test result confirming that you are no longer contagious. This may require that you stay longer than originally planned. If the Home you are staying in is available for a longer duration, you may be able to extend your reservation, which will be at your expense at the same pro-rata rate as was offered for your original stay. If the Home you are staying in is not available for a longer stay, you will be required to move to another property at your expense.

12.3        If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you and all members of your party should isolate yourselves and eliminate contact with others in the local community. People who are infected but without symptoms have been shown to be potentially contagious to others. People with symptoms should be especially cautious about restricting contact with others. Testing is typically free, and we recommend that you contact medical authorities for guidelines on testing and treatment.