Posted on 18 Jul 2023

Fireplaces and Mountains: A Match Made in Heaven

Fireplaces can add a touch of warmth, elegance, or romance to any vacation. Whether you're looking for a cozy place to relax after a long day of skiing, a romantic setting for a winter getaway, or a private place to retreat, a fireplace can help create the perfect atmosphere.

In Colorado winters, fireplaces are the gathering place to warm up and share the stories of the day’s adventures out on the ski slopes. In the summer and autumn, the temps drop in the evenings and an outdoor fireplace is perfect to take the chill off. Explore the many ways that fireplaces can enhance your vacation experience.

Check out 5 ways to enjoy fireplaces during your mountain getaway:
Après Ski

After the thrills, and maybe some spills, out on the slopes, there's no better place to thaw out and enthrall everyone with the adventures of the day than in front of a roaring fire. Grab a beer or glass of wine and gather around! Then you might decide to stay right there and cozy up for a movie night. You can’t find a movie theater that has a fireplace under the big screen!


There’s something mesmerizing and therapeutic about watching the flames of a fire. Find a quiet, cozy corner and settle in to read in front of a fire. Or escape the chaos of a house full of guests and indulge in a hot bath in a home that features a fireplace in the bathroom. Fireplaces can also turn a workspace into a sanctuary that affords a tranquil space to be both creative and productive.


Fireplaces possess an inherent romantic quality, with flickering flames and crackling sounds. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, or just a few private moments alone on your family vacation, an absolute essential is a fireplace. Explore homes with luxurious primary suites with fireplaces where you can enjoy a cozy conversation, or with private outdoor decks where you can feel the warmth of the fire while watching a spectacular sunset over the mountains.

Architectural Wonders

Be inspired by the architectural design of some fireplaces in luxury vacation rentals. It’s not just the ambiance a fireplace creates, but the structure itself can be a stunning feature of a home, and in some cases the focal point. Whether it's a grand stone fireplace in a classic mountain log home or a sleek, contemporary design in a mountain modern home, these fireplaces are sure to impress. Then add a spectacular piece of artwork above the mantle, and the entire wall truly becomes a work of art.


The epitome of a perfect summer evening in the mountains of Colorado is sitting around an outdoor fireplace with a glass of wine in hand, sweater on, breathing in the fresh mountain air, watching the sunset. And then the stars come out which can be a spectacle. The warmth and relaxation is addicting and you might not want to retreat inside!

Fireplaces are an essential feature of a luxury rental home in the mountains to enjoy whether the snowflakes are falling or the autumn leaves, and from the coziness of the family room or a rooftop deck. So, whether you seek après ski indulgence, a quiet retreat, romantic ambiance, or an architectural marvel, fireplaces can absolutely elevate your vacation experience.



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