Posted on 28 Jun 2023

Colorado Cascades: Our Staff's Top Waterfall Picks

As the snow-capped peaks of Colorado's picturesque mountains slowly give way to the lush greenery of summer, it's time to embark on a thrilling adventure through the Vail Valley, Breckenridge, and Steamboat Springs. Our team of luxury vacation rental experts wants to share with you some of nature's most awe-inspiring masterpieces—waterfalls! Join us as we unveil our staff's top picks, revealing hidden gems and remarkable cascades that will leave you breathless.


Picks by Mallory McCall, Guest Services Specialist

Mohawk Lakes

Mohawk Lakes, near Breckenridge, Colorado, offers a captivating hiking experience through the White River National Forest. The moderate to strenuous trail leads hikers to Lower and Upper Mohawk Lakes, where a stunning waterfall takes center stage. Nestled amidst alpine beauty, the cascading waterfall provides a picturesque setting for hikers to rest, photograph, and soak in the sight and sound of the rushing water. With its rocky terrain and rewarding views, the Mohawk Lakes hike is a memorable adventure for nature enthusiasts, showcasing the splendor of Colorado's wilderness.

steamboat springs

Picks by Julie George, Director of Marketing

Julie, our expert on all things Steamboat, invites you to experience the allure of Fish Creek Falls. This popular destination boasts a magnificent 280-foot waterfall cascading down a rugged cliff face. Choose your adventure by opting for the easily accessible lower falls or challenge yourself with a hike to the upper falls, rewarding your efforts with a truly awe-inspiring vista. Whether admiring the falls from the observation deck or continuing the hike to the upper falls, Fish Creek Falls offers a memorable adventure that showcases the power and beauty of nature in Steamboat Springs.

vail valley

Picks by Gaby Sirotkin, Guest Services Specialist

Gaby had lots of favorites she wanted to share with you!

Upper Piney Trail

Gaby, one of our nature enthusiasts, recommends this picturesque trail for its tranquil ambiance and breathtaking beauty. Upper Piney Trail is a true hidden gem with serene lakes and the occasional moose sighting. 

Booth Falls

For a hike that combines adventure with natural splendor, follow the footsteps of Gaby to Booth Falls. As the distant waterfall gracefully mesmerizes you, the trail becomes more challenging, offering a rewarding experience for those seeking a bit of excitement amidst the tranquil surroundings.

Pitkin Creek Trail

For those craving a bit of a challenge, venture into the untamed wilderness of Pitkin Creek Trail and let nature's wonders unravel before your eyes.

Colorado's mountainous regions hold an abundance of natural wonders, and the waterfalls we've uncovered are no exception. Whether you find solace in Vail Valley's secluded trails, seek adventure in Breckenridge's enchanting cascades, or succumb to the allure of Steamboat Springs' breathtaking falls, these hidden gems and majestic cascades promise an unforgettable experience. Lace up your boots, heed the advice of our passionate team, and embark on an expedition that will immerse you in the mesmerizing beauty of Colorado's waterfalls. Remember to leave only footprints and take with you cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Happy waterfall hunting!



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