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Did you know that snow is melting 15 to 30 days earlier than in the past and snowpack levels have decreased at most monitoring sites since 1955? 

This means that the popular Colorado ski seasons are getting shorter!  In fact, average temperatures in Colorado have increased by 2 degrees Fahrenheit over the past 30 years and are expected to continue to rise another 2 degrees by the year 2040.  

We aren't trying to scare you, but rather educate on the zero carbon lifestyle we choose to live in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Think about it.  The stuff you commonly buy leaves a footprint.  Let us educate you on recycling, composting and conservation of energy and water to help reduce that footprint.  Sometimes, taking initiative towards living a greener lifestyle can seem overwhelming.  So take the necessary steps and positive action every day to help create a new social norm for you, your family, your community, and the world.  


Recycling is one of the biggest contributions to the reduction of our carbon footprint.   

Summit County offers free recycling facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Here are two locations closest to your vacation rental.  For more recycling locations within Summit County, check out High County Conservation's Recycling Drop Off Centers. 

284 Coyne Valley Road, Breckenridge

221 Peak One Blvd., Frisco 

Tips for successful recycling 

Be sure to rinse and clean your recyclables completely! 

If food or grime gets left behind, those recyclables end up in the landfills and thus adds to the greenhouse gasses 

BYO WATER BOTTLE - Plastic bottle crisis! 

By 2016, the annual sales of bottled water in the United States officially surpassed soft drinks.  The world had awakened to the burgeoning crisis of plastic waste. The backlash against the glut of discarded bottles clogging waterways, polluting the oceans and littering the interior has been swift. Help reduce this uncessary growing waste and bring your resuable water bottle! 

BYO BAGS - Reusable bags keep Breckenridge green and clean!

The Town of Breckenridge has initiated a 10¢ cent charge for all provided plastic bags.  That means, if you buy groceries and have to use 8 plastic bags, it's .80 cents!  Sure, that's nothing right? But think about how many visitors one Breckenridge ski season may get? 100, 200, 2000? Let's say 2,000 people had to use 8 plastic bags for their shopping items during one ski season.  That's 16,000 plastic bags thrown to one landfill, in one town, within one state, within one country, within the entire world.  Take advantage and either bring a bag to carry your goods, purchase one at any store, or receive a complimentary bag at check-in!  You'll save 10¢ on the disposable bag fee at checkout and help keep Breckenridge green and clean.  Read more under Sustainable Breck below. 

Sort your stuff! 

Be aware that glass goes with glass, plastic with plastic, etc.  

 Educate your kids! 

If we start them with the right habits early on, it's not only our future we are helping but theirs too 

Not sure what you can and can't recycle, here is a helpful recycling guide to get you through.  Don't see an item listed, but really want to dispose of it properly, visit the Hard to Recycle Items provided by High Country Conservation. 


How many tons of greenhouse gases do you emit each year? Probably more than you'd ever expect. The increase of greenhouse gases is what makes up the carbon footprint humans leave behind on the earth.  Do your part to keep a lower carbon footprint. 

While on Vacation 
      • DON'T leave lights or TVs on unnecessarily 

It's easy to become distracted while on vacation.  The kids are ready to play, the adults just want to hit the powder, and the dog needs to go out! Regardless of the moment, take a second to turn out the lights or shut down the television when they aren't in use 

      • Use cold water to wash your clothes 
      • Hang your clothes to dry rather than using the dryer 
      • Drive less 

Transportation plays a huge part on greenhouse gases.  Take advantage of Breckenridge's various shuttle and transportation options.  

      • Offset your air travel

If you only live a state or two away, consider driving rather than flying.  Make it a memorable road trip with the family! 

      • Reduce your meat consumption 

Agriculture accounts for 11% of global emissions which also contributes to greenhouse gas 

      • Recycle 


While Home 

These are all ongoing areas in everyday life! Follow the items below and 'While on Vacation' above, and you're doing your part to help reduce the over-consumption of energy one step at a time. 

      • Upgrade the lights in your home to LEDs
      • Insulate and seal air leaks 
      • Unplug 

Disconnect the electronics that aren't being used.  No need to generate power if it isn't being used. 

      • Compost 

Rotting food in landfills creates a greenhouse gas, methane, which is more powerful than carbon dioxide.  Compost nutrients can be used in place of chemical fertilizers.  By composting, it's improving the soils ability to sequester those greenhouse gases.  

      • Eat Locally 

Be aware of where the food you buy comes from.  Long distance shipping creates more transportation fuels. 

      • Be a conscious consumer 

Is it a want or a need