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Chairlift at Breckenridge Ski Resort Opening Day | Paragon Lodging

Catch your first chair of the season at Opening Day at Breckenridge Ski Resort on November 8, 2019! It’s the middle of September as I write this article, and snow has already fallen across the high country. The stoke around town is super high and you can be sure that the diehards that love skiing will be seeking out the snow on the higher ground soon.

This month, we are celebrating our 19-year Anniversary!

This is such a special milestone for us and we are so grateful to our wonderful guests who have helped Paragon become what it is today.

Base Camp At Shockhill Landing Hot Tub | Paragon Lodging Blog

Whether you’re visiting in the winter or summer, one thing’s for certain, there MUST be a hot tub! Take a peek at some of our favorite Breckenridge hot tubs...