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The best time to travel is when the entire family can come along.  Our goal is to provide memorable and everlasting experiences for all of our guests.  Experience Breckenridge Colorado from a kid's perspective and keep them engaged during your entire stay.  They will surely never forget the beautiful Rocky Mountains or the time they got to spend with you.  

Tips to keep the kiddos engaged

Infants - Think comfort.  Traveling shouldn't be avoided just because you have a newborn in tow.  Keep them cozy and by your side.  If they are comfortable, you will be too. 

Toddlers - Keep the toddlers happy by allowing them to release energy.  Take them to a local park or playground and let them run around and play throughout the day.  This will help with the overwhelming new sights and sounds. 

School Age Kids  - These kids benefit from empowerment. With minds of their own, keep them engaged in your vacation by allowing them to choose an activity for the day.  

Teenagers - The best thing for teens and vacationing, let them take ownership during your travels.  Provide them the chance to plan out entire sections of the trip and possibly have alone time or time just with friends when it's safe to do so.  

Stress Free Vacation

Itinerary - Plan out an itinerary before you visit.  This will allow you and your family to have a plan and avoid any unnecessary stressors while on vacation.  

Vacation Rental - We love that you've chosen to book a private home.  While it may not have the convenient hotel pool, it has so much more to offer you and the kids.  Enjoy private hot tub soaks in the cool brisk evenings, or the space to roam around in your large luxury home with privacy for all parties to appreciate.  It's the perfect choice when traveling with children because it's definitely a home away from home. 

Child First Aid Kits - For some reason, the kids are just naturally prone to accidents!  Here is a friendly list of helping items to consider packing for the kids: 

      • Band aids 
      • Antibiotic ointment 
      • Children pain fever reducer 
      • Motion sickness remedy 
      • Thermometer 
      • Anti-Itch cream
      • Allergy medication 
      • Stomach ache medicine 
      • Cold & Flu remedies