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Catherine Starnes

Quality Assurance Specialist

Cat upholds Paragon’s reputation for delivering an unparalleled guest experience.  With an innate eye for detail, Cat ensures Paragon’s stunning chateaux are impeccable and well equipped for each visit, transforming an ordinary vacation into a remarkable one.

Moving from the Florida Keys to the high country (into one of Paragon pals Nancy McDowell’s renovated cabins). Cat went from the lowest elevation to the highest. Not being a cold-weather girl, she only expected to endure a summer—summer turned into 23+ years.  She fell in love with the peace she’d found in the mountains, “There is nothing better than the wind blasting me in the face on a cold blizzardy day. If it’s a blizzard out, you can guarantee I’m out skiing in it.”

Cat and her husband Lou have four children, Hannah 20, Felix 11, Charlotte 10, and Leo 8; dogs Darcy and Maude and kitty, Harold, complete the crew.

When not working alongside her Paragon team to provide guests with the ultimate vacation experience, you’ll find Cat enjoying family time, skiing in the winter, and mountain biking in the summer. 

She dreams of one day living on a sailboat in Mexico and eating tacos for every meal, but only when her legs are tired from playing in the mountains.