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  • What type of coffee maker is in my rental home? 

The type of coffee maker varies with every home.  To find your specific rental home coffee maker type, locate the home on our website.  Within that home, select the Amenities tab above the home's description and look under the kitchen header for coffee maker type.  

For example: If you are staying in Bella Villa Di Montagna, search Vacation Rentals > Search by Name > then choose Bella Villa Di Montagna.  Locate the 'Amenities' tab.  Under the kitchen header, a specific type of coffee maker will be listed. 

  • Are there any condiments or spices already in the home? 

Every home is supplied with salt and pepper.  We do not guarantee any other spices, oils, condiments, etc.  Prior to cooking, make sure and grab all your necessary ingredients from the local grocery store. 

  • Where should I purchase groceries? 

Depending on what you require, there are a handful of grocery options available prior to your arrival and during your stay.  We have put together a variety of options for your trip from Denver International Airport to Breckenridge, Colorado! Visit the dedicated grocery & Liquor page on our website for an exact list of places. 

  • Where should I purchase beer, wine or liquor? 

Of course! Cocktails for summer, wine for dinner, hot toddy's in the winter after a long ski day.. awe!  Breckenridge definitely has options. One of the biggest in the area is City Liquors.  This is located next to City Market which is also Breckenridge's main grocery store. You can find both at 400 North Park Ave. just down the street from our office!  Check out the grocery & liquor page on our website for additional details and variety such as Ridge Street Wine!  

  • What type of consumables are already in the home? (Paper towels, toilet paper, bath soap, etc.) 

We provide the following starter supply of consumables: 

Paper towels, liquid dish soap, dishwasher soap, facial tissue, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bath soap, toilet tissue, laundry soap, and trash bags (kitchen and garbage cans). Our soaps are locally made in Breckenridge.  Shampoo, conditioner, and lotion are hotel size. 

(Note: if the initial starter supply runs out, additional items can be purchased at the local grocery store) 

  • Are there hairdryers in the home? 

Yes! We include multiple hairdryers in every home.  All bathrooms will have hairdryers. 

  • Does my rental home have a crockpot? 

Yes! We ensure every kitchen is complete with a crockpot. 

  • How do I find my rental home's square footage? 

The square footage is listed on each individual vacation rental's description on the website. 

  • We don't feel like cooking. Where is a good place to eat? 

The answer to this question typically depends on a variety of things; group dynamics, cost, food type, etc. That's why we've put together a handful of our top picks.  Visit the customized Dining page located on our website for many delectable options for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three! You can also navigate by clicking the 'Explore Breckenridge' tab and then by selecting Dining from the list of options. 

  • How do we check-in? 

In an effort to minimize in-person contact this Summer, we’ll be offering a warm welcome to Breckenridge virtually. Prior to your arrival, we ask that you communicate a convenient time for us to give you a call via Zoom, FaceTime or old-fashioned phone call so that we can review normal check-in items, welcome you to Breckenridge and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your stay with us. 

Upon your arrival to Breckenridge, DO NOT go directly to the house until you've received confirmation from our team that the home is prepped and ready for your arrival. You will receive status updates about the readiness of your home on the day of your arrival via text message. If you prefer a different form of communication other than text message, please notify us.

  • We will be arriving in Breckenridge earlier than 4:00 pm.  Is it possible to have an early check-in? 

We do our best to accommodate varying schedules.  There may be instances where we can allow an arrival or departure outside the typical requirements.  However, a fee is always assessed, and no time is guaranteed as our seasons are always fluctuating.  We perform a maintenance and housekeeping inspection before each arrival to ensure the home meets our high standards of excellence and time is required to do that.  We cannot schedule an early arrival or late departure in advance.  Please contact our office the day of your arrival or night before your departure for options.  

  • What is there to do nearby? 

We want you to get the most of Colorado and experience why we choose to live here.  With abundant outdoor activities, there is something for everyone.  Please visit the Activities section of our website for various options.  We've gathered fun-filled and exciting options for groups of all ages and combined them in one convenient location.  Click this, Things to Know link to be redirected.  Or, choose the 'Explore Breckenridge' tab at the top of our webpage > Things to Know > then choose between outdoor, winter, or summer adventures

  • How can I get to Breckenridge from the airport? 

Sometimes choosing the right method of transportation can be overwhelming.  We recommend Summit Express, (855) 686.8267 or Peak 1 Express, (970) 724.7241.  For more information or additional options, view the transportation page on our website. 

  • Are there any transportation services throughout Breckenridge? 

Yes! Don't want to deal with a rental car? Breckenridge is expanding on options like Uber, Lyft, ZipCar, and more! We put together several helpful alternatives to car rentals and listed them on our Transportation  page.  

  • What's the parking situation around Breckenridge? 

The Town of Breckenridge recently implemented paid parking.  Free options still exist as well as overnight, trailer and oversized vehicle parking options. Visit the Parking page on our website for more information. 

If you are visiting over a holiday or other big event taking place on Main Street Breckenridge, plan to arrive early in order to secure a parking spot. It is also a good idea to call ahead in case any roads close for parades or other big Main Street parties.  Call the Breckenridge Welcome Center in advance at (877) 864.0868 or visit them in person at 203 South Main Street in Breckenridge for details on possible road closures.  

  • Does my rental home have air conditioning? 

No...but before you feel like there is no escaping the heat, Breckenridge has some of the most wonderful weather year-round! When we say year-round, we mean it! In the winter months, it's all about the snow.  In the summer, the day temperatures average the mid-70s and the night temps, low 50s.  

Open the windows, let in the fresh Colorado Mountain air and get a nice cool cross breeze throughout the home.  If you feel that just isn't enough, all homes have fans to really get a breeze going.  

  • What is the weather like in the spring, fall, and summer?  In other words, what should I pack to wear? 

Colorado weather is always fluctuating.  Our best answer, pack, and dress in layers.  That way, if you are underdressed, you can put on a cozy sweater to warm up.  If you are too hot, you can take the sweater off to cool down.  

Colorado is known for a lot of sunny days, but sometimes a higher elevation will bring last-minute rain, wind, or cold front surprises.  No matter what, don't forget the sunscreen!  Want more details on every season? Check out Weather and What to Expect. 

  • What should I do to prepare for visiting high altitude? 

As you go to higher altitudes, the barometric pressure decreases, the air is thinner, and less oxygen is available.  The air is also dryer and the ultraviolet rays from the sun are stronger.  At elevations of 8,000 feet and above, your body responds by breathing faster and more deeply, resulting in shortness of breath, especially on exertion.  Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your vacation is without worry. 

      1. Drink plenty of water prior to your visit! Maybe two to three times more than your usual intake.  Hydration is key. Bring your own water bottle, The water in Breckenridge is good and safe to drink. 
      2. If you are worried and/or have had issues in the past, try and plan to stay in Denver for one or two nights which will allow your body to gradually adapt to a higher elevation. 
      3. If you have already arrived and noticed you feel nauseous, dizzy or are experiencing headaches, try ordering oxygen or visiting a local oxygen bar.  You can find more information on our High-Altitude page. 
  • I am visiting during the winter.  Will there be someone around to plow my driveway? 

Yes! Each of our vacation rental homes are contracted with local snow removal experts. Please note that they typically visit your home in the early hours to have the driveway cleared for your day.  Use the heated garage(s) on snow storm days to keep the driveway clear for a successful snow clearing. 

  • Why do I need  4-wheel drive? 

Breckenridge is in a high alpine environment and four-wheel drive is required in the winter months (November through April).  Note that during a severe storm, CDOT will implement a "Passenger Vehicle Chain Law" on roadways in Colorado.  You will be required to have chains or an autosock regardless if you have snow tires or 4WD/AWD.  Visit to learn more about the traction law and vehicle chain law the Colorado Department of Transportation has put in place for winter driving months. 

  • Can I purchase my lift tickets with you directly? 

Unfortunately, we do not have the proper technology just yet.  However, call the Breckenridge Ski office at (970) 754.0012 for all lift ticket information.  Pre-order before your trip to save on full price tickets! 

  • Where do you recommend we get our ski rental equipment?

We work with two fantastic rental companies.  The best part, they offer great deals for our lodging guests.  Avalanche Sports - (970) 453.1461 and Black Tie Skis (delivery to your rental home) - (970) 547.4416.  For more information or to book directly, visit our website and access Ski Rentals, then choose your preferred company.  

Still have questions regarding your reservation?  Contact us directly or visit additional information on our Frequently Asked Questions page.