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During the Breckenridge Spartan Race, experience the immense beauty of Colorado while conquering climbs, crawls, carries and traverses — just don’t let the scenery distract you from sticking that spear throw.  The town of Breckenridge sits at an impressive 9,600 feet above sea level, and it only goes up from there. For Spartans, that means an opportunity to test athletes of every caliber — from the newcomer to the seasoned Pro. From the moment Spartans arrive at the venue to when they reach the highest point on the course, they will be treated to captivating views of the Continental Divide and monstrous peaks at every corner.

Enjoy Breckenridge in August after embarking on the Spartan Race!  Fewer crowds, crisp cool autumn air, check out our vacation rentals for a luxury chateau for your upcoming vacation. 

08/18/2018 - 10:30am to 08/19/2018 - 10:30am
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