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This winter Keystone presents the 2nd Annual Kidtopia Culinary Festival! Grab your spatulas and head to Keystone for this week-long celebration of all things food and family fun! Featuring Nicholas Hornbostel, Celebrity Kid Chef and Cricket Azima, Founder and The Big Cheese of Kids Food Festival. Create and play with your food during a week of culinary adventures. Across the resort, let Keystone fill your appetite for adventure!


Schedule of Events

Saturday, February 9th 1 - 7pm

Kidtopia Family Food Fest | FREE

Sunday Febaruay 10 

Kidtopia Family Food Fest | Free

Quick Fire Challenge: Lead by Nicholas 

Ready...Set...Cook! At a quick speed, use the ingredients in front of you to whip up something yummy and filling. Work with other kids at the same time to create food fun.

Play With Your Food:

Now you can play with your food without getting in trouble! Get messy and build snow creatures and winter animals using a combination of fun finger foods. Use your creation to be part of a larger food sculpture.  

Unique Eats with Nicholas: 

Learn about mountain comfort foods, healthy eating and unique combinations. In this fun food adventure, come challenge your kids (and yourself) to try new combinations, textures and flavors.

Unicorn Party:

Have you ever imagined what it’s like inside the mind of a unicorn? Come find out at an all-day Unicorn themed party! Featuring sweet treats and desserts with a magical design that you get to create.

Ski Snacks for Kids:

Hungry on the lift? Don’t miss this great opportunity to make and eat snacks for your day on the mountain. Easy and filling bites that you can make and pack at home to keep on you while you are skiing or snowboarding the day away.

02/08/2019 - 11:00am to 02/15/2019 - 5:00am
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