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2 Jan 2019
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Local's Guide to Breckenridge

You’ve found it, the blog about the Best Breweries near Breckenridge, Colorado!

Colorado was a pioneer in the microbrewery scene with the classic Avalanche Ale from the Breckenridge Brewery. And, if you’re in a hurry, you can stop at the Denver location to get your first taste before heading up to the high country.

Yes, that’s right, there’s a Breckenridge Brewery in Denver. Actually, that’s where the production now happens, as they’ve become so popular that they are found in many stores. And, while you can buy lots of varieties of tasty suds, there’s nothing quite like pulling up a stool and having a fresh pint at the bar after a hard day of ripping it up on the hill. I mean, c’mon, you have to go and brag about all those trees you dodged, and how many black diamonds you conquered throughout your day!

Apres Ski Tips

However, before you go into the bar, we recommend that you remove your ski boots. The exception is lift-side bars at the base. Snowboard boots are ok, as they’re softer and easier to walk in. Ski boots are typically uncomfortable to walk in and can be dangerous when not clicked into skis. Do yourself a favor and throw some extra shoes or boots into the car or backpack and get a locker at the base if you’re not familiar with walking to and from the lifts in ski boots.

If you sweat a lot and don’t have the latest quick-drying layers, it’s a good idea to throw in a fresh t-shirt and hoodie to keep the chill away. You don’t want to wear cotton on the hill, and we’ll be sharing how to pack for a ski trip in a future blog. We have a few weeks before the season kicks in, so we’ll share this one first, just in case you come up in the offseason, you can still do this brewery tour.

Getting Around / Transportation for your Self-Guided Beer Tour

Don’t drink and drive. Don’t do it. There are so many options for transportation these days, there’s simply no excuse to put yourself and others in harm’s way. We have free buses that run around Breckenridge, and you can click here to see an online map of routes and times. You can also take the Summit Stage, which provides free buses in between towns, so plan ahead, stay safe and have a good time. We included breweries around Summit County, as we always recommend to explore the nearby towns when visiting.


  • Broken Compass - This local’s favorite is dog-friendly and is off the beaten path. Make your way down Airport Road and taste the goodness. A quick glance and what’s on tap right now shows a Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Stout. That sounds so good!
  • Breckenridge Brewery - The Avalanche Ale and Oatmeal Stout are the classics you don’t want to miss, but the Vanilla Nitro Porter is so smooth that if you like dark beers, you might end up getting two.
  • C.B. Potts - While the brewery is based in Fort Collins, just north of Denver, this is a tap room in the heart of Breckenridge and is worthy of a stop while wandering Main Street.
  • Breckenridge Distillery - While not a brewery, this place is worth a visit as you go to and from the Broken Compass, as it’s in the same area. I recommend getting the old-fashioned after taking a tour of the operation.



  • HighSide Brewing - The collaboration of leaders from multiple breweries around the state, so you can be sure that the products are from the dreams of experienced brewmasters.
  • Outer Range - Right off of I-70 and next to Whole Foods, be sure to see what’s available in their latest can release, as they tend to sell out rather quickly. Get a flight, then get a growler of your favorite to take home to enjoy later.
  • Sendero Brewing Company - Not much information has been released about this new brewery, but we just found a downtown Frisco location on the Colorado Brewery List website.



  • Dillon Dam Brewery - You might catch some live music here, and definitely grab some food, and the beer is tasty and has won multiple awards.
  • Pug Ryans - If you’ve had a drink at the Tiki Bar near the Dillon Marina, chances are you had a beer from here!
  • Bakers’ Brewery - If you’re on a Silverthorne Outlets mission and need to recharge, head over here for yummy food and drinks.
  • Angry James - Another dog-friendly patio is good to have on your radar when you’re on the other side away from Breck. And, they have live music every Wednesday, so no need to wait for the weekend!

We hope this helps you plan a fun outing around Breckenridge and Summit County, so please contact our reservations team with any questions about any of these locations mentioned while booking your Breckenridge Rental Home for your friends and family. And, we also mean your furry family! Yes, we have a Pampered Pets program too, so click here to learn more about creating a dream vacation in the land of many ski resorts and microbreweries!